2014/2015 Visionaries and Solutionaries Course Descriptions:

Wuji Exploration
In Chinese spiritual practice, Wuji is the oneness from which all “things” in creation emerge. In this course we will explore our CHI, or energy, which makes up all that exists, from the stillness of breath and the intentional use of muscles, to the feeling of the wind brushing by us and the involvement of nature in our everyday life. Weekly journal keeping will be mandatory for this course. Required Materials: Fall Journal

Students will explore the early days in the development of western civilization with an in depth study of the rise and fall of early civilizations including Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome. The course will conclude with a study of the history of major world religions and their influence on society. Students will also explore current events on a once a week basis throughout the year.  There will be a minimum of three projects during the year.
Required Materials: Fall Journal

Students will explore different genres and socially relevant themes through stories including The Epic if Gilgamesh, Fahrenheit 451 and The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian. Students will decide as a class the final book of the year based on their collective interests. Students will be required to keep a detailed response journal for each book.
Required Materials: Fall Journal

Beginner’s French
In this beginning level French course, students will start to enter into the francophone world. Using language as a guide, together we will explore the art, stories, and cultures of people who speak French around the world. Required Materials: Fall Journal

Math is a powerful tool for understanding patterns in nature and the impact that humans have on each other and the planet. Students will engage in critical examination of the world using basic algebra, proportions, and geometry in the real world. What can be more meaningful than rethinking Math as a way to uncover important understandings of organic gardening, regeneration, and a more peaceful world? Required Materials: Fall Journal

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Required Materials: Fall Journal

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Required Materials: Fall Journal

Lifefoods Food Prep
Lifefoods Food Prep focuses on food as an integral part of our lives. The course outlines the history, evolution, and adaptation of foods from around the globe to right in our own backyard, while taking a hands-on approach with preparing our own meals and studying traditional techniques and original recipes. Students also explore how to choose wisely in the supermarket and take charge of their own diets. Students are challenged to recognize that their decisions have effects far greater than their own surroundings and to identify the consequences of poor nutrition on the community as a whole. Every class has an open ended, professionally directed discussion surrounding theories of sustainability, food science, and food philosophy. Required Materials: Fall Journal:

*The Sustainable Farm School makes every reasonable effort to use only certified organic, non-gmo, humane, fair trade, and  local (when available) whole foods in our food preparation courses. We believe that voting with our dollars to support ethical, sustainable, organic, and local farmers and companies is the most practical way to contribute to healthy food systems in our country.

Permaculture Pathways
This introductory permaculture course will explore living systems, worldview, and solutions-based thinking. Students will survey a range of literature, topics, and current events related to the long-term health of the Earth, its communities, and our individual role’s within these systems. Students will apply their learning to the design and application of a number of sustainability-oriented projects including the design of their very own edible permaculture landscape design at our location in Hartford. Required Materials: Fall Journal

Independent Work
Students will use these periods to work on group projects as well as an independent research project on a topic of their choice. Each student will receive weekly one-on-one mentorship as they create, develop, and execute their research. This period will continue through all three terms of the school year and will culminate with students giving a Ted Talk style presentation on their topic. Required Materials: Fall Journal

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Required Materials: Fall Journal



Past Courses

  • Activism and Writing with a Purpose
  • American Civics
  • Ancient History
  • Art in Time
  • Art History
  • Art of Problem Solving
  • Backyard Organic Gardening
  • Behind the Tiara: A Critical History of Fairy Tales
  • Capoeira
  • Creative Writing
  • Critical Thinking and Moral Reasoning
  • Early Connecticut and American History
  • Eco-wear Jewelry
  • Eco Studies
  • English Grammar
  • Fairy Tale Grammar
  • Geography
  • Geometry of the Natural World
  • Global Studies
  • Greek Mythology
  • Herbology
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Human and Animal Anatomy
  • Language Arts
  • Lifefoods Food Prep
  • Literary Arts
  • Math for a Sustainable World
  • Music Theory
  • Native American Culture and Handwork
  • Norse Mythology
  • Pattern and Texture in Sustainable Art
  • Poetry
  • Political Philosophy
  • Radical Home Economics
  • Science, Nature, and Sustainability
  • Social Justice & Contemporary Oppression
  • Sustainable Farm Economics
  • Sustainable Living through the Art of Mathematics
  • The Body as an Instrument
  • Trashion Fashion
  • Trickster Myths & Other-World Fantasies
  • Walking in Joy
  • Watercolor Painting
  • World History